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Our Story

Hello and welcome to our story! 


My name is Minerva and I am one of the owners of Suspended In Time® by 3 along with my sister Olivia.  We started this amazing journey after experiencing a terrible tragedy, the loss of our brother.  We wanted something that would honor his memory in a very special way.  Suspended In Time® helped us memorialize our lovely memories of our brother and we wanted to give others this same opportunity.  We learned about the Suspended In Time® method and knew that this was exactly what we wanted to do.  This technology is so impressive and produces such wonderful results that we had to share it with everyone.  It brings us such joy to see each of our clients so excited and happy after they see their finished  encasement.   Your memories are truly Suspended In Time®. 


The 3 in our business name represents the Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit).   

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